May 14, 2013

No Such Thing as Too Much Taco Tuesday FUN!

Taco Tuesday went off without a Hitch!

You may have noticed from my blog that I have been pretty excited about Taco Tuesday. My class just needed something to break up the week and refresh Daily 5 and Guided Math. Well excitement and engagement is exactly what it brought to the class. They were so involved in what they were doing that I did not hear a peep from them (other than using their great teacher voices to sound out words)

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Here are the photos!!

My lovely little workers! 

It feels so good when hard work pays off! I must say that this pack would not have been possible without the encouragement from my two great friends Beth & Sarah! Thank you ladies for believing in my crazy ideas and for cheering me on along the way! I would be LOST without you two!! :)

I hope your next Tuesday is a Taco Tuesday!! ;)

p.s. We had chips and dip for snack! It made the day THAT much more FUN! 

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