Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back 2 School BLOG HOP!


If you are anything like me the first time I saw "Blog Hop" I thought... this is way to complicated and I am not sure it will be worth it! Well I was WRONG! It is super easy! Just follow my link below to the next blog and receive a free item from them as well. On their blog they will list a link to another blog with another free item and so on! If you are looking for FREE fun ideas to get your classroom ready.. it will be MORE than worth it!

Have fun blog hopping and getting to meet some of the other amazing PA bloggers :)

My Free Item for you is...

Number Posters 1-10

Make sure to hop on over to Two Friends in First

Kheila & Jess have a great freebie! 

Today I have been up to MORE fun! 

My items are finally back from being laminated and cut out! Let the FUN begin!

This is another Pinterest Inspiration! They turned out great!

 I have had a lot of requests to see what I was going to put in these bins. I have labels on that you can check out. If you want these labels for yourself check out my TPT store! 


 Up close of the supply caddy. I got this ribbon at Hobby Lobby and love it!
It was easy to put on. I just used hot glue! put a few dots around the edges and 
a then glued on the table number. These are included in my Back 2 School Survival Kit!

Attendance & Lunch Choice!
Pretty happy with how it came out!

Tomorrow is another day... 
                                                      more to come! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Very First Monday Made It!!

Hey friends!

I am so excited to have finally made something on a Monday and have had the time to blog about it!! Thank you to Tara at 4th Grade Frolics!!

Made it #1

My Birthday Chart is up!!! I am so happy I spent the time to redo this from last year! 



If you like my NEW birthday chart and have to have it click 
on the picture below to take you to my TPT store! 

Made it #2

This is my Freebie - It is a computer password & sub phone number key ring!
I am always forgetting passwords or losing sticky notes that great subs have given me. 
This is just a fun item I created for myself and you if you would like to have it!

Click the picture below to get it for FREE!

Made it #3

So I really wanted everything to be cohesive in my room this year. I also wanted it to be easy to go 
back and change if need be. This is a product of my meticulousness! ;)
(It matches the items/clipart in my Back 2 School Survival Kit)

Made it #4

I am loving things I am seeing on Instagram & Pinterest but it is hard to keep track of it all!
I always screen shot it to hope that I remember it... but let's face it, it just gets lost in all my photos!
So..... I created a TO DO picture album! Now I just drop the photos in the album and delete them as I complete them! My life just got a little easier! 

Monday Made it - Mission Complete!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Busy Little Lady!

Hey there!

Davey came home from work yesterday and asked to see what I was working on! (He is so sweet) So I showed him and he said, "you are a busy little lady!" I had not realized it until he said it but he was right!! I have been very busy working to make this year even better than last year.

So here is just a sneak peak to the things I have been working on! My Instagram friends have already seen these, if you do not follow me on Instagram be sure to check it out! (I do lots of free giveaways via Instagram!)

Here is my new digital paper pack! Just $1 on my TPT store!

There are 33 colors to chose from!

PA Blogger Meet Up! 
First Grade Teacher Lady & Two Friends In First!

I had a great time last week getting to know the other bloggers! 
It was nice to know someone is obsessed with teaching and good sales as much as I am!

Andrew and his wife Cori were so much fun to get to know! 
They are such a fun and sweet teacher couple!!
Check out Andrew's page at Mr. First Grade

I already know and love my teammates at Two Friends in First!
Check out Jess & Kheila's blog!

Wendy from Read With Me ABC was a doll! 
I loved getting to know her and hear her expertise on reading! 
Her gifts for us were so dear! The bag itself was cute! I did not want to unwrap it!

Jen from That First Grade Blog was super fun also! It is such a small world. 
She used to teach at a school right down the road from where I teach now! 
She just changed her blog layout and it is TOO cute! Check it out!

Nick and his wife Killer B! Loved them! Nick made the cutest little gift bags with his blog button and a cute pink calculator and a sweet treat! I feel like he had me figured out before we ever met! lol
Check him out at Sweet Rhyme- Pure Reason

I cannot wait to meet with them again in the winter! It was so much fun! 
I am almost glad we do not all work together because I am positive 
I would have no money and my face would hurt non stop from smiling! 

We are going to be doing a blog hop in just 2 days!! Be on the lookout for it!

Chevon Crazy and Room Ready!

I created a kit for myself to have everything I have ever seen on Pinterest and ideas I came up with and included them in one document where everything matched or had a similar theme. I do not know about you, but I am CHEVRON CRAZY! Davey says, "you do realize that it is nothing but a zig zag!" Maybe he is right... but either way I love me some zig zag/chevron! :)

Here is my Back 2 School Survival Kit and a bunch of fun pictures to show you how its helping me get my room ready! 

Numbers for my clock! I am praying this will help them when telling time :)

 Place Value just got that much cuter! ;)

 Student number clips - I use them for lunch count but one of 
my teacher friends used them for behavior as well!

Here is my "almost ready" carpet area

I am so happy to finally have this done and up! I wanted an alphabet that would 
correspond with all of the other alphabets in my classroom.. like my word wall, student word wall books, homework helper, and centers! I LOVE Ashley Hughes Alphabet Clip art! 

Here are my word wall headers! 
Cannot wait to get them up and post my new idea for my word wall!

 My welcome sign is still in the works but the lunch choices are done and up! 
Loving the way they turned out!


This weekend I was a little busy creating even more items for my classroom!
Below is my 1-10 Number Posters I created for my room. They are for sale in my TPT store. You can view them by clicking on the picture below!

 Here is another new TPT item I created for myself and wanted to share for FREE! :)
It all started with Pinterest Inspiration!

And this is the final document! 
I will post pictures once they are all put together!
(The picture below looks a little simple)

Whew! I hope you enjoyed this lengthy blog post!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I love making clip art!

Here is my newest item! 33 different colors in the polkadot print :) It can be used for any holiday, season, theme, or school colors that you need! Check it out by clicking...... HERE!

Thanks Y'all!

Back To School CRAZY lady ;)

Howdy friends!

It feel like forever since my last blog post! With the wedding I had NO time for school! (For those of you who love weddings like I do.. I will be posting pictures and the video when they are done!!)

So I am back in my classroom and the first thing I have to show you is the one thing I am SUPER excited about!

This is the Classroom Friendly Supplies AMAZING Pencil Sharpener!

1. I LOVE the color of this sharpener! It is a pretty blue and it comes in other colors too!

2. Those little black things on the top are for you to pinch together. Then you put the pencil in the whole. When you let go of them it hold onto the pencil nice and tight! Like the picture below!

This is the ONLY hand powered pencil sharpener that actually works! I cannot wait to get this in my writing center for my kids to use! It is so quiet it will not even disrupt my guided reading group!! Yay!!

3. Like i said above it is QUIET! That is a HUGE deal to me :)

4. It has a cool retro look and like most things that are retro it is sturdy! It is hard to find things for your classroom that are built to last! This little thing is like a tank machine ;)

5. You should but one! Classroom Friendly Supplies is THE place to find it!


I have been Cleaning like a mad woman! I am loving getting ready for this year. I am excited for what this new school year has to bring! Setting up this year was much easier than last year! I have two first year teachers next to me and I do not miss that stress of figuring out what will work for you! But I am loving helping them and even getting ideas from them! 

So Here is all I have so far! I will post more.. I promise ;)

I am very excited for my desk arrangement this year! 
I saw this on Pinterest and HAD to try it! 

My storage bins still need labels
Top drawer: Daily Materials 
Middle drawer: Math Manipulatives
Bottom drawer: Student Portfolios

(please ignore the mess on the desks! Im trying to sort my student items :)

I LOVE organization! I am so excited my cabinets look so pretty! 
It is going to be a great year! 

More pictures to come!

See ya later Alligator!