Saturday, August 31, 2013

Student Portfolio

Hey Friends!!

I am feeling pretty awful that my blog has been on the back burner! I have been so crazy busy with school and cheerleading starting back!! I am sure you have been the same way! This time of year is always tough!

While I have been away I have received so many emails about the student portfolios that I keep in my desks. I am really excited to share these because they have been a work in progress, but so worth it.

I have read 3 different books cover to cover about portfolios and have read countless articles! After all that reading these were my takeaways!

1. It needs to be a quick and EASY way to keep the students data organized!
2. It needs to be USABLE for both me and my students!
3. The students need to be ACTIVE in creating them.
4. It MUST make report cards and conferences easier!
5. (One of the most important things) It needs to be a valuable resource for PARENTS!

With all of that I decided that it needed to be kept very simple!

Here are some pictures of what I created!

This folder system is what makes it PERFECT! Read below to get more info!

I have posted the file to TPT! If you are interested you can check it out. It is in PowerPoint so that you can edit it to make it fit your needs. It is called the Personalized Student Portfolio

So are you looking at these folders and wondering just how I did this? :) Well I did nothing - unless driving to staples and buying them counts ;)  I decided to go with this folder because I searched high and low for a sturdy folder that I could use with the kids! This folder from staples was the one I liked best and it had the best price point. I use my teacher discount and can get them for $4. I know you are probably thinking WHAT?!? I spoke with my parents about my plan at meet the teacher and I went over the reasons why it would be beneficial. I told them that they could buy them on their own for about $6 at Staples or they could just send in $4 to me and I would buy them. I told them that it was not mandatory, but I got a very good response.  Here is the link to Staples! It is also saying that they are only $4.29 now! That is pretty good! You should get them even cheaper after your teacher discount. 

I hope this has been helpful! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Are you surprised?? MORE Chevron!


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Sunday, August 18, 2013

More Chevron PLEASE!

Okay so you know I love my Chevron!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School Sale!!!

Teacher ladies and Teacher men,

You had better sweet talk your significant others, because this one is going to be a doozy!!!

I am so excited for the Back to School Sale of 2013! Thank you Teachers Pay Teachers for this great  amazing opportunity to SHOP til we DROP!

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Lots of LOVE! 
Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Word Work!

Hey Friends!!

I have been posting lots of pictures on Instagram of my classroom and my word work area. I have had a lot of teachers asking what word work I use and commenting that they liked the labels I created.

So.... I am going to share a little bit about my word word and I am also going to share a friends word work station as well!

This Year!!!

Last Year!!

The games have really stayed the same for the start of school however I am using my smaller shelf this year because I just feel that less games is actually a little better! I change these out around September - October.

Top of the shelf I always have my Read the Room, 
dry erase boards, and clip boards for write the room!

Shelf number 1 

first up is our Ipad - sight word practice
I have different lists that the students can use for this
The lists are normally already in the basket for them. 
They can sit with a friend and "text" sight words to each other :)

ZAP is next! It is a really simple and fun game to play
You right the students sight words on popsicle sticks and on about 
6 extra sticks write the word ZAP. When they get ZAP they have to put 
all their sticks and start over. The kids LOVE this game!

This is just my Rainbow Write the room!
The students take a clipboard from the top, a piece of paper, 
and a thing of crayons and off they go to write the room :)

Shelf Number 2

First one up on this shelf is the Sandwich Maker
It is just all of the students sight words on items that look like bread, 
meat, cheese, etc. They use the flippers to make sight word sandwiches. 
(Can't remember where I got this specific one, but my 
friend Jess at Two Friends in First has one for sale)

This is something old I made in college for Kindergarten, but at the beginning of the year it comes in handy! Just a match the picture to the correct umbrella digraph.

Tower Power!! Another student favorite! They stack the cups that they can read to build
a very large tower. If they do not know the word they cannot use it to build the tower. 
It gives them incentive to practice!!

Shelf Number 3

These are letter tiles for the students to practice word building with. They are new - someone game them to my this summer so I am going to try these. Typically I have the pizza pans with magnetic letters
but I decided to put those somewhere new this year! 

This is another old game from Kindergarten. It is all the color words and basic K sight words written on  cutouts of frogs, flowers, and bugs. The students spread them out and SLAP the sight words they know! This game goes away quickly because most of the words are practice/review.

The last basket is also a NEW one for me! I saw these at the Learning Supply store and
I could not help but get them. They fit on lined paper so that the students have to make 
sure they are using top, middle, and bottom lines. The best part is that they are 
transparent so the children can see where they are placing it and how close it is to 
other letters or words. Wish me good-luck! I hope this one goes alright!

My teammate does things a little different in her room.. but I love the way she does it!
In all the pictures below you will see that she provides the students with different ways to create letters and words. I got to see her kids using the pipe cleaners last year and they loved it. They were spelling out words and reading them to one another! It was awesome!!

Then she stores all of her word lists in these (THAT I LOVE!!) and it is located right next to the shelf!

I do have some other items for sale in my TPT store that I use for Word Work

My FAVORITE!! Is my Taco Tuesday. I am sure you have read my many blog posts about how it helped to ramp up engagement and got the students really excited! 

Well here are some pictures if you have forgotten! 

The packet includes both phonics and math games!
It is a really great price for all that you get. Those of you who have purchased 
things from me before know that I load my packs with lots of goodies! 
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The other one I have posted in my store right now is an ice cream word work

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NOW if you are still READING this blog post you are going to see that you can have the labels on my word work bins for FREE!! :) Hope you enjoy them. Click the picture below to take you to my TPT store!