May 29, 2013

1st Grade Rocks

Kay is retiring and 1st grade is rocking her retirement party in style! We love you Kay!!

Kay has taught for 36 years and she is an amazing women! I have only worked with her for one year and she always made me feel welcomed and supported. I think I am going to miss her beautiful smile and warm heart the most! I know she will enjoy spending her retirement with her new grandson!

I am in LOVE with our jackets! Just $5 on sale at Walmart! A little Puffy Paint goes a long way! 

K-A-Y  H-E-L-M     Lets Go!       Kay Helm

Kay wanted a cheer and a stunt and that is what she got!


  1. Hi Autumn! I would love to be one of your newest followers but when I try to follow you by email it says...not enabled :(

  2. Hello Michelle!

    I think I fixed it! See if it works for you now :)