Saturday, September 21, 2013

Super Saturday!

Hey There!

It is one SUPER Saturday! I have cleaned and organized all day and I am feeling great!

I have been teaching the students about tens frames and sums of ten, but there are a few kids who are having a harder time grasping it. I was trying to think of a visual way for the children to see the parts of 10. I tried unifix cubes and the plastic bags with the little circle chips.... but nothing seemed to be helping! Then it hit me!! Why don't I just cut a full tens frames into pieces and make it like a puzzle. They can put the pieces together but I can also use it in small group. We can see that there are 7 dots and then count how many dots are missing.

I am giving you these for free! We all know how stressful it can be to plan math groups and all the money we spend trying to make them for all the different group levels! So this one is on me! Enjoy!

Get the document by clicking on the picture below :)

The other thing that has made my Saturday more fun than usual is this amazing 8 year old!

Kid President!!! 

Have you heard of him?? PLEASE watch this! It will make you smile from ear to ear! WARNING! It will make you want to watch every video he has made and cause you to be on youtube longer than expected :) 

I hope you are also having a SUPER Saturday!

Sending positivity your way!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We HEART Mo Willems

Hey friends!

I hope you have been well! We have been so busy loving every minute of our Pigeon books and learning about Mo Willems I have not had the time to slow down and share with you!

Well Here is a start to what we have been up to!

A week full of Pigeon FUN!
 (Common Core Standards Included)

Retelling in Whole Group

Retelling together as a class
 (also focusing to characters, setting, problem, solution)

Then Retelling Independently

Planning our Pigeon Stories!

Writing our Pigeon Stories

 Then letting Mo know just how much we LOVE him!
There is a craftivity to go with this! Will be posting soon!

Do you Heart Mo? If so head on over to my TPT to get all of this for your class!

P.S. The Visual Lesson Plan Template is editable ;)


A Very SPECIAL thank you to my AMAZING teammate and mentor! She is a doll and helped with many of the items on the page. Very lucky to have her on my team and as a friend! :) 

Signed one Pigeon Loving Teacher,

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall is in the air!

Hey Friends!

It is that time of year where you can't help yourself from buying anything pumpkin and apple! You also start pulling out all of your clothes for cooler weather. Well.. this giveaway is all based around a scarf that I ordered for myself and just fell in love with!! Then I ended up getting another one to give away to you!

Enter in this giveaway for a chance to win:

1 Infinity Scarf pictured blow
1 Clipart set from my TPT store
1 Instructional Item from my TPT store

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

iPad Word Work

Howdy Friends!

I know a few of you have asked me about the word work center I have that uses an "iPad" for the students to practice writing sight words.

Well... I finally got around to making the file! Yay!

So what you want to do is drop the file into a Power Point - stretch it as big as it can go - and print as many copies in the colors your want!

Then you want to either laminate them or put them in plastic sheet protectors. Once they are done I place them in a basket with dry erase markers and erasers. I tell the students that they must sit in front of the word wall and FIRST they must "Text" the word by touching the letters. NEXT they write the word in the bubble. A lot of times students will work with a buddy and "text" back and forth!

I hope you love this as much as I do!

Click the pictures below to take you to my TPT store


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lots and Lots and Lots to do!

Well my TO DO list was about 3 pages long and I am so happy to have this long weekend to get caught up on some of it!

1. First things first! I am so excited to have been chosen to be featured on Dana's Common To The Core blog! Thank you Dana!! Head on over to her blog to learn more about First Grade Teacher Lady!

2. Next on my list.. is to share with you some of my NEW favorite documents from a great friends TPT store! She made this Star Student and Counting Hall of Fame items using my Chevron Paper Pack &  Chevron Stars! They are already printed and hanging in my classroom. Head on over to her TPT store by clicking the pictures below. 

3.  Finish, post, and blog about my new clip art! Well the first two were done, but I still needed to blog about all of it! So here we go :) 

**If you want to see these in  my TPT store just click on the images below! 

Doodle Frames

Chevron & PolkaDot Buntings

Solid Paper Pack

Mouse Clip Art

Doodle Borders

So much still left on the TO DO! But at least these things have been accomplished! Maybe by Tuesday I will feel somewhat caught up!