Sunday, May 5, 2013

Interrupting Chicken

Writing & Puppet Craft

This idea actually came from a great friend of mine. Maritza introduced me to this book and the cute idea of making puppets when we presented together in Georgia. We did a workshop on recycling in the classroom. (Pictures below)

I wanted to use this story to talk about dialog in our writing. I created a document where the students can create a scene of their own and then apply the dialog in a piece of writing. I also included the items to create the puppet craft.

I MUST say that the kids LOVED this story and the activity! They enjoyed coming up with a scene of their own and using the puppets to get ideas. They did SUCH a great job and they really did a nice job. I will try to post some student samples! 

Click to get the Interrupting Chicken Item for free from my TPT account.

Maritza presenting The Interrupting Chicken! 

Just us :)


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