Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Data Data Data

Hey Teacher Friends,

I have started something new this year that I have been wanting to share and just have not had the chance.

I am beyond excited about this new way of keeping student data all in one place. Just to show you how excited I am about it... I created this video with a few extra special helpers!

The whole point of this is to show you how you can use your iPad and a few great apps to keep all of your student data on your iPad instead of carrying mountains of paper work home!

The first app that I am going to share is Notability!

This is a note taking app that allows you to keep your notes organized in folders. It also lets you annotate over top of pictures. One of my favorite features is it records audio. I use this while doing running records so that I can go back and listen to my students while reflecting on my notes. 

Once you have created student folders it looks something like this..

In each child's folder I have lots of different assessments! Here are some examples of what I keep in their folders. 

*If you want this assessment form for yourself, just click on the photo and it will take you to dropbox to download it.

Once I have imported the file as a photo. I drop the photo into a note within Notability. From there I am able to annotate on it! Once it is done it looks something like this...

*again if you want this file so that you can put your sight words into it, just click the photo to download it!

Here is what it looks like after I have marked on it...

I also use this app for other things like running records, math and writing conferences, tracking reading progress, and any other notes I might want to keep on them. I will even make a note for parent contact, so that I have track of when we have spoken!

I created an example running record to show you. I did this because I do not want you to think they look beautiful. This is my notebook... truly. Some notes look neater than others! My running records are usually pretty quick. Often during writing and math I will take a picture of the students work and drop it into the note. Then I can comment on it and add notes!

There are some pages that I the students are required to participate. The reading progress chart is one of them. They use the coloring tool and are able to see how they have grown since the last time we assessed. I also created a darker line on the chart so that I know where they are supposed to be at that point in the year.

This is really just the beginning! I do not want to overload you with too much for right now. So take this in... check out Notability and see if it helps to make your life any easier! I sure hope it does ;)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow Day Sale and Valentine's Day Goodies

Hey friends,

I am at home today thanks to mother nature! We are supposed to get an additional 4-6 inches tonight, so we will see if I will be home creating away tomorrow also ;)

First things First! I am throwing a SNOW DAY SALE!

My entire store is 20% off, make sure you stock up on goodies for topics like Penguins, Daily 5, and even the END of the school year! ;)

**Click on the pictures below to take you to my TPT store!

Next, this is a reminder about the cute Robot Clip Art I have free in my store! Please leave feedback!

I do not know about you... but I CAN'T stand spending money on valentines! I created these so you can print them easily and attach a small dollar spot item to them. I was thinking maybe an eraser and pencil. I hope they make your Valentine's Day a little easier this year! 

Have a great day!!