Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back 2 School BLOG HOP!


If you are anything like me the first time I saw "Blog Hop" I thought... this is way to complicated and I am not sure it will be worth it! Well I was WRONG! It is super easy! Just follow my link below to the next blog and receive a free item from them as well. On their blog they will list a link to another blog with another free item and so on! If you are looking for FREE fun ideas to get your classroom ready.. it will be MORE than worth it!

Have fun blog hopping and getting to meet some of the other amazing PA bloggers :)

My Free Item for you is...

Number Posters 1-10

Make sure to hop on over to Two Friends in First

Kheila & Jess have a great freebie! 

Today I have been up to MORE fun! 

My items are finally back from being laminated and cut out! Let the FUN begin!

This is another Pinterest Inspiration! They turned out great!

 I have had a lot of requests to see what I was going to put in these bins. I have labels on that you can check out. If you want these labels for yourself check out my TPT store! 


 Up close of the supply caddy. I got this ribbon at Hobby Lobby and love it!
It was easy to put on. I just used hot glue! put a few dots around the edges and 
a then glued on the table number. These are included in my Back 2 School Survival Kit!

Attendance & Lunch Choice!
Pretty happy with how it came out!

Tomorrow is another day... 
                                                      more to come! 


  1. I love the number posters. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Love all of your classroom projects! New follower:)

    my second grade journal

  3. Thanks so much for the number posters!

  4. I pinned the number posters! So cute!

  5. These are great number posters. I like how you showed the number in many ways. Thanks for sharing.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom's Treasury

  6. Thank for for the number posters! These are exactly what I needed for my new math classroom! :)

  7. I love the set up to your classroom! How many students do you have?

  8. Hello there! Just finding your blog. The link to the number posters is not there :( Is it still available?

  9. Now that it's been a year since you posted this, do you still love this set up? Anything you would update or change?

  10. Now that it's been a year since you posted this, do you still love this set up? Anything you would update or change?

  11. I am thinking of setting up my desks with the storage in the middle. Wondering if the plastic drawers are holding up well with heavy use? Also, where did you find the plastic drawers? Thanks!

  12. I LOVE the plastic drawers at each set of desks. It's so organized! I would love to utilize those in my room. My problem at the moment is trying to decide what to put in them. My first year teaching begins in August so I am still trying to learn everything and figure out what I will and will not need in the classroom.

  13. Ok So I have some questions. My mind tends to wonder when I see new ideas. Here goes. Are there privacy issues with the profiles being accessiable to other students? What are Math Tools and Daily Material? Will there be a single student responable for getting the material or will each indiviual student get their own material? I can still see there being a issue locating things within the drawers. But like I said this is just my mind wondering.

  14. Any infomation will be helpful.

  15. Very nice and I will be borrowing some ideas!