Oct 5, 2013

Workin' on Words and Writing!

Hey Friends!

I hope that your first quarter of school is going well! My kiddos tell me all the time how they LOVE word work and they LOVE writing. They actually motivate me to get creative with the different activities we do.

I have had some ideas in mind lately - but no time to get them up and posted! So here is everything the kids have been begging for :) I hope you like them just as much as they do!

Word Workin'

I love these because you can place them in a sheet 
protector and the students can use them as a Write-on Wipe-off boards
Click Below to get it from my TPT Store
 There are several different mats
One for each vowel & vowel pattern listed above
 There is an entire set of alphabet iPods
Mats available for all CVVC patterns listed above

Writer's Eyes

My students are loving our conversations about having writer's eyes. I decided to make some placeholders for their Writers Notebooks. This will remind them to have writers eyes and keep their place in their journal!
Click Below to get it from my TPT Store

 I got this idea to Celebrate the students who are doing it consistently in their writing. 
The students will receive a certificate and a pair of glasses! 
I am hoping it will help to motivate all 
of the students to slow down and take the time to think about their writing. 

I got mine from Party City! 

FREEBIE! Pumpkin Fun!

I love adding a little fall clipart to my parent letters and schedules. 
Here is a little something for you!
Click Below to get it from my TPT Store

Some more fall fun to come! Stay tuned this week!


  1. You make such cute items! Thanks for sharing your pumpkins!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. We are starting intervention in a week and I am thinking these may be a great resource. Thanks for sharing your talent.