Oct 8, 2013

All we need is love and a little bit of dancing!

Hey Teacher Friends!

I need a moment to share my feelings! Hope you do not mind!

Teaching is not a job that people completely understand. We are teachers, mothers, fathers, secretaries, managers, nurses, problem solvers, curriculum writers, and employees. I do not know about you but there has been a time or two TON of times where I have felt completely overwhelmed with all that we are expected to do and handle.

For the last few weeks I have been in this haze of stress. All I could think about was all of the small stuff we are required to do, but I was missing the BIG picture. I got my degree in teaching because I LOVE to spend my time teaching children. I love when they walk in our room in the morning, and their little smile lights up the classroom.

Two weeks ago, I was in a haze of stress and searching the internet for teaching ideas. I just happened to come across a YouTube Video titled Kid President's Pep Talk for Teachers and Students. I clicked on the video and my whole mood changed. Listening to this young man made me realize I NEED TO BE MORE AWESOME!  And when I can't be awesome...I need to dance...because we all know that dancing is fun and relieves lots of stress! :)

Then one day last week, I had just had one of "those days" and I broke down in tears. My poor husband tried talking me through my problems but I was stuck in this rut. Then I was upset with myself for being upset!! So, I decided that an early bed time was most likely the best thing I could do for myself.

I laid in bed and my thoughts turned to my students and how much they care for me. How hard they work everyday. How much I love spending my life with them. I thought about how I owe them more than what I was giving them.  Laying there I came up with this concept of a Class Cheer. We could do this cheer anytime in the day. We could do this when we just needed to add a little happiness back into our learning.

Now we have watched several of Kid President's videos! The students can't get enough. We have decided that our class motto this year is "Be Awesome."

With Kid President playing through our minds we worked together to create our Class Cheer. We do it everyday to start our day. Then we do it again throughout the day when we are sleepy, grumpy, sad, or even scared (especially of the fire drill). This little cheer has allowed me to focus on what I love about teaching. This cheer has made my students excited and I have even heard them encouraging each other to Be Awesome!

So Thank you Kid President! You helped this "stuck in a rut" teacher find her way back to her path. Another thank you to my amazing students, both past and present who have worked hard for me each and every day. You are Amazing and I love you very much!

So... What are you teaching the world?

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