Oct 21, 2013

Guided Reading & Getting Organized

Hey there!

Guided reading can be very overwhelming for a new teacher! Last year I felt like I had a lot to learn and needed to change what I was doing. So, this summer I set off to figure out what I was missing.

My first goal this year was to get organized! I do not know about you but I work better when everything has a place!

I started off my shopping at Mrs. Jones Creation Station TPT Store!

I bought this Guided Reading Materials Pack

It has so far been the best thing I could have done for myself!

Then I started to realize that everyone needs to be able to adjust things to meet their own needs. 
I used what I bought and added to it to make it work for my own classroom. 

Here is an addition that I have added to keep everything easily organized and color coded :)

Click on the picture below to get a copy for yourself!
 These Items are FREE in my store for now
Make sure that you check it out! It is an editable document 
so that you can make sure it fits your needs!  
I will post some pictures of my binder tomorrow after school. I also have some other great resources that have helped me as I am planning my lessons. 

I am also having a 20% off sale for my ENTIRE teachers pay teacher store!

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