Sep 21, 2013

Super Saturday!

Hey There!

It is one SUPER Saturday! I have cleaned and organized all day and I am feeling great!

I have been teaching the students about tens frames and sums of ten, but there are a few kids who are having a harder time grasping it. I was trying to think of a visual way for the children to see the parts of 10. I tried unifix cubes and the plastic bags with the little circle chips.... but nothing seemed to be helping! Then it hit me!! Why don't I just cut a full tens frames into pieces and make it like a puzzle. They can put the pieces together but I can also use it in small group. We can see that there are 7 dots and then count how many dots are missing.

I am giving you these for free! We all know how stressful it can be to plan math groups and all the money we spend trying to make them for all the different group levels! So this one is on me! Enjoy!

Get the document by clicking on the picture below :)

The other thing that has made my Saturday more fun than usual is this amazing 8 year old!

Kid President!!! 

Have you heard of him?? PLEASE watch this! It will make you smile from ear to ear! WARNING! It will make you want to watch every video he has made and cause you to be on youtube longer than expected :) 

I hope you are also having a SUPER Saturday!

Sending positivity your way!


  1. I was working on the same exact skill this past week. Thank you so much for the freebie! This will definitely help those struggling to grasp the idea of what makes 10.

  2. Love this! Thank you so much. This is what we are doing now :)
    yhNew Adventures in First Grade

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  4. This is brilliant! Love the ten frame puzzles