Jul 23, 2013

Back To School CRAZY lady ;)

Howdy friends!

It feel like forever since my last blog post! With the wedding I had NO time for school! (For those of you who love weddings like I do.. I will be posting pictures and the video when they are done!!)

So I am back in my classroom and the first thing I have to show you is the one thing I am SUPER excited about!

This is the Classroom Friendly Supplies AMAZING Pencil Sharpener!

1. I LOVE the color of this sharpener! It is a pretty blue and it comes in other colors too!

2. Those little black things on the top are for you to pinch together. Then you put the pencil in the whole. When you let go of them it hold onto the pencil nice and tight! Like the picture below!

This is the ONLY hand powered pencil sharpener that actually works! I cannot wait to get this in my writing center for my kids to use! It is so quiet it will not even disrupt my guided reading group!! Yay!!

3. Like i said above it is QUIET! That is a HUGE deal to me :)

4. It has a cool retro look and like most things that are retro it is sturdy! It is hard to find things for your classroom that are built to last! This little thing is like a tank machine ;)

5. You should but one! Classroom Friendly Supplies is THE place to find it!


I have been Cleaning like a mad woman! I am loving getting ready for this year. I am excited for what this new school year has to bring! Setting up this year was much easier than last year! I have two first year teachers next to me and I do not miss that stress of figuring out what will work for you! But I am loving helping them and even getting ideas from them! 

So Here is all I have so far! I will post more.. I promise ;)

I am very excited for my desk arrangement this year! 
I saw this on Pinterest and HAD to try it! 

My storage bins still need labels
Top drawer: Daily Materials 
Middle drawer: Math Manipulatives
Bottom drawer: Student Portfolios

(please ignore the mess on the desks! Im trying to sort my student items :)

I LOVE organization! I am so excited my cabinets look so pretty! 
It is going to be a great year! 

More pictures to come!

See ya later Alligator! 


  1. I like your desk arrangements also! :) They keep everything right in reach (no wondering/disturbing) :) Looks great!

  2. Yes! I wanted to do a similar desk arrangement, love this! Hope you don't mind, I just might steal, I mean borrow, it, lol


  3. Looks great! I've seen a few teachers arrange their desks like this and am thinking of doing the same.