Jun 26, 2013

Wedding Brain

Hello Friends,

I have been so busy doing wedding prep that I have had NO time to think about my classroom. I figured since I've been busy doing other things that I would give you a sneak peak at some of my wedding stuff!

We will start with my favorite things!

Bridesmaids Gift Bags! You may have seen these on my Instagram!
I wish I could show you what is in them! I will post a picture after the wedding :)

 My Little Flower Girls Bags
LOVE the Chevron! Hobby Lobby

The groomsmen's gifts are in brown craft bags
with raffia bows and I am going to cut their names out of matching chevron paper!
(If the girl they are walking with has a blue bag, they will have a blue chevron name tag)
Too much? A little Crazy?... NO WAY! ;)

Then I also got matching tissue paper to correspond with the chevron paper
Hobby Lobby had the colors I was missing! They sell tons of individual colors for just $0.99!
I loved this multicolor chevron also!

Being the CRAZED planner that I am - I created a pre-wedding timeline for my wedding party
It would not be complete without a chevron background :)
Pink is for girls (two sided) and green is for the guys! 

Super easy to do :)
The Chevron background is by Emily Wean! Check her out!

Dad's Surprise Gift! 
He does not get to open it until just before we walk down the isle!

Our Ring Bearer is so sweet! His sister is our flower girl. She got to bring her dress home from the shop and he was so upset with Aunt Autumn (really cousin lol) because I did not send his fancy clothes home with him! I got some cute pictures from their mom of them practicing to dance! Too Cute!
 This is his gift :) A Monster Truck that turns into a dinosaur! Ohh Ahh! I love the bow!

 Gifts for Parents! Again I love love love the bows!

I had scrap material so I am going to write their names on these hearts some how! 
If you have a good idea be sure to comment on the post!

Working on our programs now!
This is a rough draft of what they will look like.

I still need the stick to make it a fan and a pretty ribbon :)

Wedding Favors! Davey (my almost hubby) is very "earthy" 
and I would say I am also somewhat earthy lol but we decided to to seeds
as our favor. Then I had to wrap it up and make it look pretty! So this is the package
but it still needs the tag! Mom is working on those this week!

The one little thing that means a WHOLE lot to me is 
my sisters picture for my bouquet. I am missing her big time as I prepare for this wedding!

Now onto the decorations!! Woo Hoo!

First the guest book table

Here are some close up of the items on the table!

 Just as a sidenote. Davey and I met in high school but never dated. We were always friends and I think we both knew there would be more to the story! Well we both went off to college (I was in Florida - He was in Maryland) and he sends me a MySpace message lol and tells me that he is coming to Florida for spring training and wants to see me. So as any smart girl would do I said SURE! I went to see him on March 9th, 2008 and we have been together ever since. We always say baseball brought us together and that is why we have this little touch of baseball here and there throughout the wedding :)

Did I mention that I LOVE Instagram!? :)

We are not having a traditional wedding cake. The Pennsylvania Bakery is going to make a small cake for Davey and I. Then we are going to have Pies, Cookies, and Pie Pops for our guests! I am super excited! Here are some pictures to explain my vision!

Our cake will be similar to this one

Decorations for the table! 

Cookie Jar for the Cookies!!

Pie Pops!

This old door is going to be used to write the guests names & table number
The window is going to say "How sweet it is" on the glass and it is going on the Pie Table :)

Davey has been working hard building our arch for the wedding. Here he is working hard!
:) Just love him!

Here is what it will look like when it is done!

 My future Momma-in-law spoils me! She wants everything to be perfect! She painted all of her beautiful outdoor pots to match the wedding and even got all these matching flowers! Are they beautiful or what? I think so!

Speaking of Momma-in-law aka MIL!  (I am her DIL)
she wrote a very sweet blog post yesterday that I HAVE to share
Click Here... Holly McCall

If you missed our engagement video last time around here it is :)
I will upload our wedding video once it is all done! If you live in or near Pennsylvania and need a videographer for your wedding you need to check out amweddingstories.com! The Aumen brother are AMAZING!!
AD engagement from Aumen Media on Vimeo.


  1. Love this! I'm getting Married July 12th and still looking at the best way to print programs- love yours! Congrats :)

  2. Hey there,

    I do not know if I said above but I am getting married the 13th! Too cool! I had mine printed at staples. It was $160 for 130 copies on pretty paper and cut to the size I wanted them. I think that is a little much, but I guess it is worth it! :)


  3. Autumn,
    Congrats on getting married!!! I just got married this summer also, June 22nd! All of your pictures and ideas look awesome!! I hope your wedding turns out fabulous! I'm sure it will! You have worked so hard! I love your gifts! I'm a little obsessed with chevron also!
    I am a new follower! :)
    Mrs. Black's Bees