Jun 28, 2013

Five for Friday

This is my very FIRST time linking up with the Five for Friday linky party! I am pretty excited to be joining the party and sharing about my week! It has been one long and interesting week!!


On Monday I was doing quite a bit of wedding work! Check out my blog post Wedding Brain


On Tuesday I joined the group of bloglovin giveaways! You do not want to miss this! Check out my post Love me on Bloglovin and you can have a chance to win $10 to TPT and 2 free items from my TPT store!!


On Wednesday I created my very first Paper Pack! Chevron Paper Pack by Teacher Lady Doodles. I also realized that I had 500 followers on Instagram!! This week I am feeling the LOVE! 


On Thursday I started back at school getting ready for Summer Literacy Camp to start! Those of you who are friends with me on Instagram know that I had NO decorations and an empty classroom to work with! My OCD and need to have things looking nice was killing me.... but I survived and think it turned out pretty good considering the challenges! 


On Friday I needed a day to relax! My best friend (also a teacher) and I went on a shopping trip to do a little retail therapy! Spending time with her makes me feel so much better! There is no one quite like your best friend! They are that one person who can finish your sentence and make you feel better even when no one else can. They know when to listen and when to talk you down! :) She is the BEST and I am lucky to have her!! 

While together today we realized I now also have 100 bloglovin followers!! WOOHOO!! You can probably tell from my doodles that I was pretty excited!! :)

Hope your week was full of fun and full of sun! 


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  2. What an eventful week! Congrats on reaching the big 500 & 100! Good luck with all the wedding planning :)

    Heart Mrs. Smith

  3. Mrs Smith,

    Thank you for the well wishes! You are too sweet!!

    First Grade Teacher Lady

  4. What a big week for you! Lots of milestones! Congrats! :)

    Mrs. Johnson's Little Prowlers