Jun 5, 2013

The Red Carpet Party Has Arrived!

End of The Year Red Carpet Premier

This day flew by so fast! I wish I could have made the hour of the party drag out just a little longer! I loved the look on the childrens' faces as they walked into the room to see it transformed and to see all of their loved ones clapping for them as they came in. They went to their seat and loved their gift bags! They also loved the feather boas, bow ties, and top hats! Then it was time for the awards. One by one I called them down the red carpet to receive their award trophy and certificate! They loved cheering for one another and hearing their awards!

I tried to give a little speech about how much I loved their children and how hard it will be to give them away to a new teacher, but I bust into tears. I think they got the message though :)

Then it was time for the DVD! I continued to cry through that as well! I looked out to see a sea of mothers crying also.. it made me feel much better! Then we dug in to the yummy food and took pictures in the hollywood photo booth!

After the kids were gone, I looked around the room and tried to tell myself that as hard as it is to say goodbye it is my job to make them see that they have learned everything they can from me and now it is time for them to soar into second grade! This class is a special group. No one will ever quite have my heart like they do!

Wherever you go.. My love will find you!

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  1. Awesome idea, and I love how your room turned out!!!
    -Lovely Nina

    Lovely Little Learners

    1. Nina,

      Thank you so much! I had such a great time with the children. I do not think they wanted the day to end!


      First Grade Teacher Lady

  2. Awesome ideas!! It looks like a lot of fun :)
    Following you!

    Sliding into First!