Jun 11, 2013

I am going to teach like a Pirate!!! Arrrgg!

When I say I am EXCITED.. it is an understatement about how I am feeling right now.  I am joining this summer book study with some great teacher friends!! Teach like a Pirate! Only $9 and change at amazon.com!

Thank you Rowdy in First Grade!
and Third Grade Tidbits!

Chapter 1: Passion

Within your subject matter, what are you passionate about teaching?

This is tough! I LOVE LOVE reading! But the best kind of reading is the kind the resonates within the child and gets them thinking and analyzing their own lives. I know most people will say that teaching values is a no no, but it is my FAVORITE! I love reading about how characters fall into sticky situations and talk about how we might fix a similar problem. I think I love this time in my class because this is when we really get to know one another. 

Within your profession, but not specific to your subject matter, what are you passionate about?

My professional passion is to create a special place that we call ours. Where all students feel open to discuss, question, and share. A place where the students are not afraid to be themselves and feel good about who they are. I also have a professional passion for creating exciting, engaging, hands on lessons where my 1st graders use their imaginations to change the room from a classroom to a pizza shop or science lab. After all.. "Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein 

Completely outside of you profession, what are you passionate about?

I am a creator of all kinds of things! I love crafting, sewing, scrap booking, creating digital items, taking photographs, organizing things, labeling those things I've organized, and sharing all of the above with the people I love. I am passionate about life and living everyday as though it will be my last. I am passionate about my family. I enjoy telling them how much I love them! You never know when it will be too late to say goodbye!

My favorite line from this chapter: "Light yourself on fire with passion... and don't worry if it's not a controlled burn."

Join us!! It will be fun!


  1. I love that you dig into the characters and their sticky situations. Kids need to be able to learn morals too so they can be respectable citizens. And engaging them in those kinds of discussions and lessons is something they remember. More so than any test. And I am so like you with all kinds of personal passions, all over the place! Thanks for linking up!
    Third Grade Tidbits

    1. Gina,

      Thanks for stopping by! I am loving this book!!
      I have to agree that those lessons are so important!!

      First Grade Teacher Lady

  2. I LOVE that quote too! LOVE it! I am passionate about many of the same things - crafting, sewing, making stuff. I am going to definitely make more of an effort to bring that into my classroom this year. I am loving this book study. I am also your newest fan - great blog!

    1. Hello Heidi,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am loving this book study also! My to do list for next year is getting long, but I am excited about it!

      First Grade Teacher Lady

  3. I just love that your professional passion is creating a great environment for your students. Without that good feeling when they walk into your room you would get nowhere!
    Rowdy in First Grade