Apr 28, 2013

Wedding Fun!

This is my teacher blog, however who does not love a good love story :)

So Davey and I are getting married in just 76 days! Time has flown so fast! We have been working with two great friends that we know from school to do the cinematography for our wedding. You might be thinking what is cinematography... I did too :) They do not refer to themselves as videographers because a videographer just films the wedding and then gives you the footage. Eric & Chris Aumen take the footage they shoot and they make it into a movie. You can follow this link to their webpage AM Wedding Stories.  I sat one day and watched all of their videos and balled my eyes out. I did not even know the people, but these guys do such a good job at pulling out those simple moments that are so important!

They have something available with their package called an engagement session. Davey and I were both unsure how it would work, so we decided to create an invitation that we could incorporate a DVD for each guest. We had everything ready and then it was  time to film. It was weird how nervous we both got! We know the story of the first day we met, but saying it on camera was a little different. In just under 2 minutes Aumen Media made the day we met into a mini movie. It has been known to make people teary eyed (especially our mothers)!

Here it is...   

Our Invites :)

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