Apr 9, 2013

Other fun things so far :)

Other fun things we have been doing this year..

Election day snuck up on me! So with not much time I made this little voting booth :) Not bad for last minute :)

Christmas was a lot of fun. The first picture below is where we meet for morning meeting. I took my bookshelf and added paper to the back to make it look like a fireplace. The students still used the other side in the library. The picture to the right is the first day that our class met Buddy the elf! (They were so excited. I acted sort of scared and freaked out and they explained it to me and told me I had to read this book that he brought. It was so much fun!)

 Buddy got sick after a few days in our class. There was a bug going around he must have caught it also!
After he was feeling better he was really up to no good. He kept playing games in our class while we were at home. Here he took a bath in our marshmallows for gingerbread houses. Not pictured: He also went hang gliding from the celling. Then the next day a note came from Santa saying that Buddy and the students must behave or else Buddy would not be able to do his job! So they all got back to their best behavior! 
 When Buddy left we were very sad. We all wrote him letters and hoped that he would drop by again next year!

100th Day of School!!


The whole first grade decided to dress up like we were 100 years old. I wish I could post pictures of the students! It was such a fun day! It took us a lot longer to get places, but we loved every minute of it. 

Valentine's Day also snuck up on me! I was thinking about some fun things we could do to talk about friendship. My grandma gave me these cute props and we decided we would have a friendship Valentine's Day photo booth. They kids took pictures of each other and had a blast! Doing this again next year. The background was just bulletin paper that I put up with magnets on the black board. I wrote the words so that they would be just a little bit taller than the students. Then every student got to take home a copy of their picture at the end of the day! LOVED IT!

In February I went to Georgia to speak at the ATE Conference and accept my award for National Student Teacher of the Year!  The award is given by KDP & ATE. This award was such an honor and our trip was absolutely amazing! For more information about the award visit http://www.kdp.org/  & http://www.ate1.org/pubs/Home.cfm !

Read Across America week was a ton of fun! We had some snow on Wednesday but it did not stop me from having Whoville hair on Thursday! Here is a picture :) 

More fun to come!

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