Friday, June 23, 2017


Technology has become a hot topic in the classroom and a very big focus in education. During my coursework for Instructional Technology I have really begun to think about how there is a lot of talk about the What and How of technology, but very few are talking about the Why. Simon Sinek has a video about starting with you why. I am wondering if teachers and schools took more time to think about why maybe we would be better off.

Teachers of ESL students need to think about why our students would benefit from technology. Our students need opportunities to explore the language in meaningful experiences. They need to have opportunities to be engaged in the language with vocabulary supports and opportunities for connectivity. When learners are learning and exploring naturally with tools that they can manipulate they will be more inclined to take risks. Technology is a tool for learning not a destination. Now that we have our why let’s think about how we might do this and what we might need… thoughts?


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