Saturday, June 17, 2017


As I was reading this week I stumbled across two different articles that spoke to me. The first was about the need of Professional Development for teachers especially in the areas of TESOL. The second was about how our English Learners need more support in schools.

I sat after reading them and wondered if perhaps the two are not related. We are not doing enough for our students learning English and we do not currently receive enough PD on topics of teaching English as a second language.

With limited funding and lack of time, how can we implement different ways to grow as teachers so that we are meeting the needs of all of our students?

Two years ago I attended a technology conference in Hershey, PA called PETE&C. While there I was at an “Unconference” learning session. When you arrived you could sit anywhere and have conversations about any topic you chose. While there I began talking about professional development and how it is a passion of mine. Another teacher shared with me that teachers in her building were taking time during the school day to discuss topics of their choice with anyone who was interested. It sounded amazing but how does it work?

Teachers would log onto their school Lino board and use color coded sticky notes to share topics they wanted to learn about or topics they felt comfortable sharing about. Once a green and pink sticky note were posted teachers would post on a blue sticky note that they were interested in attending. Depending on the size of the group they would decide their location. After reading the articles about quality PD and finding ways to make our teaching better I thought that this is something that we all could be doing. It is free and often times teachers around you are doing things you do not even realize. Using each other as a resource is the best way to build school culture.

I am excited to potentially continue the Lino board next year. I am thinking about my green sticky note already…


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